Following is a listing of some accommodations in our area. Please note that this information is provided as a courtesy only and in no way implies a recommendation or endorsement of any establishment, or that it is all-inclusive. Third-party links are provided solely for your convenience; using these links is done at your own risk and Jukasa Motor Speedway accepts no liability for any linked sites or their content. Travel times shown are estimates based on optimum conditions.

Jarvis, ON (5 minutes)

Fisherville, ON (9 minutes)

Cayuga, ON (11 minutes)

  •  Carousel B & B | 51 Winnett St N, Cayuga, ON N0A 1E0 | (905) 772-5348

Oshweken, ON (20 minutes)

Caledonia, ON (20 minutes)

  • The Grand Corbel | 54 Dunrobin Dr, Caledonia, ON N3W 2N7 | (905) 531-6794
  • Le B & B | 446 Caithness St E, Caledonia, ON N3W 1E3 | (905) 541-8600

Port Dover, On (20 minutes)

Mount Hope, ON (25 minutes)

Simcoe, ON (25 minutes)

Dunnville, ON (25 minutes)

Brantford, ON (40 minutes)

Ancaster, ON (40 minutes)

Hamilton, ON (35 to 45 minutes)

Burlington, ON (50  minutes)

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